Check out some of the great feedback we have received over the years.

“Thank you just doesn’t come close to what I feel. But for the want of other words they are deep felt. I was scared to start with, but you quickly gained my trust and that is a huge deal to me. I wish you all the best and may you help many many more people” – Vicky

“I started therapy worried about not clicking with my therapist. But at all times I have felt comfortable and safe. I am blown away with the progress I have made and of how much of a massive impact this has had on me” – Alex

“Many thanks for all your professional wisdom over the past couple of years. What a great engagement and a genuinely positive process despite how I initially got there (less enjoyable for sure). Aside from the original seed for anxiety/affective disorder, it has really empowered me, given me resilience, self-confidence, self-worth and altered how I see the world and people.

Fantastic job, thank you.” – Anonymous

“The support Elephant In The Room Ltd. gives our teams to rapid early intervention makes a huge difference to helping many people stay well, not just recover well. A regular advisor to our senior leadership team Jo not only helps our staff, but helps us to support them in a more meaningful way as we all try to reduce the stigma that can surround mental health and make sure people have the conversations they need to have.” – Stuart Ellis. Director – Commercial and Strategy, NHS.

“I can’t thank Melissa enough for all her help during a really difficult time, after every session I had learnt something new to take away and practice myself. The sessions were highly informative and I always felt like I had achieved something to help me progress. I would always write down the important notes and explanations that I could re-read when I would notice myself falling into the same habits. Thank you for everything” – Chloe

“Jo provided a relaxed atmosphere with informed discussions. The end of each session made me feel less agitated” – Mick

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Jo. She listens very intently and her suggested approaches helped me a lot” – Anonymous

“I would just like to say a huge thank you for the guidance you have given me along this 2 year-long journey we have had together.

You have helped me recognise my own inner strength and truly helped me find a part of myself I thought I’d never see again. You are unbelievable!” – Anonymous

“This has been a great experience. I was doubtful at first but its been such a positive experience. I was able to feel comfortable, talk freely and connect with Jo. To be able to speak confidentially made it worthwhile.” – Nicola

“Sessions were hard to begin with but as time went on I grew into the session. The service was informed and professional” – Oliver

“To Jo, Thank you for all your support, how amazing to have a job that makes such a difference to people’s lives. Hopefully I’ll continue in the right direction” – Anonymous

“By working with Elephant In The Room we have developed a person centred service which is easy to access, well structured, and most importantly helps to compassionately support the immediate and longer term mental health needs of the staff member. Thank you for the positive difference you continue to make.” – Jayne – Organisational Development and Service Improvement Lead

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Elephant in the Room Psychotherapy Ltd. is not an emergency service. If you are in crisis and need urgent support or are worried about immediate risk of harm to self or others, please call 999. Alternatively you can contact your GP and ask for an emergency appointment or visit your local A&E department. You can also contact the following services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: NHS Helpline (111) and the Samaritans (116 123)

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